Manexgraphs, forty years of Expediting your Problems.

Predictive Expediting Software for Procurement, Supply Chain Management of multiple Purchase Orders with Project Integration.

With our software you can expect:

Deliveries on schedule
Significantly reduce costs of Expediting
Integrated Expediting by Vendors
Instant Progress of all nested levels with graph reports
Status by percentage, man hours or cost benchmarks
Reduce your Tactical Risk exposure in up to three Categories

Project Monitoring

Progress Evaluation, Monitoring & Solutions

Milestone steps from suppliers and sub-suppliers with Project Tasks produce two line graphs showing Scheduled and Actual percentages giving continuous Progress Status. Delays to Milestones are visible immediately on the graphs as a percentage or resource shortage. We will calculate and produce up to date exact overall status, individual Milestone status and Purchase Order delivery projection at current vendor commitments. We will also define which milestones are causing the delay, it's knock on effects and how to mitigate the current status to the best possible delivery date.

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System details


Progress Reporting

Reporting is in real time, date stamped and not reversible. Milestone, Process or Task delays are seen in real time and future delays indicated clearly by the Milestones Graphs.

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Project Vendors


Vendors are integrated into the software by logging Data to the tracking system of Manexgrpahs. Reporting periodically, their data is used to track your Schedule and plot the "Actual Progress" line on all the graphs. Resource Logging can be to one or more Critical Activity in the Milestone steps. The Vendor suite can be adapted for Hand Held devices such as Tablets or Smartphones.

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Manexgraphs have available Templates for core activities in expediting EPC type projects with suggested Milestone, Weight Factors and Resource loadings. Individual Templates can be tailored to meet any manufacturing or supply situation and the system allows end users to develop their own Templates based on their own data and experience. Bar Coding can be integrated into the software in the near future.
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More about Templates

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